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16-Dec-06 1:50 PM by
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This morning, I accepted the role of Tom, Dick, or Harry (I don't know which) in a production of Kiss Me, Kate, being performed this March by the Weston Friendly Society. Since Weston is about 48 minutes east-northeast of my current whereabouts, and rehearsals are three times a week for almost three months, I'm going to be on the road quite a bit.

Having been connived into purchasing an iPod last year, I've not taken full advantage of its podcasting capabilities. I've tried several subscriptions on a variety of subjects, but have limited myself to a few about the Apple II or video games. Are there any good ones out there that cover the film industry with news and reviews (but not so much gossip)? I realize there's a whole category for them in the iTunes Music Store — but where to begin? With your recommendations, of course. Please share!

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    After trying several film/TV-related podcasts, the only one I ended up subscribing to was that of