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And now the trailer for the next Fantastic Four film is up.

I know why I watch this stuff: after watching the best parts of a bomb excerpted into trailer form, I'm saved the time and money of watching the rest of the movie. Here, we have Johnny Storm chasing the T-1000, who has some pretty nifty powers but whose motivations are unclear. I'm happy for them to stay that way.

I saw the first Fantastic Four film at KansasFest 2005 as our annual geek field trip; other such titles have included Superman Returns, Terminator 3, X-Men, Planet of the Apes, and both Bourne films. Obviously, we've had both hits and misses. But based on past experience, I think we can safely rule out this Marvel flop as a likely candidate for KFest 2007.

It's a shame that Marvel's cinematic adaptations can't be more consistent, as they have great potential. I rewatched Spider-Man 2 today, and the original X-Men last week (more on that in a future post). So far, four-fifths of these two franchises are fantastic; but the other Marvel films I've seen, such as Daredevil and Hulk, were simply painful. I'll take my Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno DVD sets anyday.

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  1. a2history adds:

    Well, I agree that the Spider-Man 3 trailer gives you more of an idea what the story is going to be about than does Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. But there is a chance that they've got a better story this time, now that they don't have to spend so much time explaining who the FF are and how they got their powers. Since this seems to be more of a teaser than a trailer, I'm holding out hope that it will be a good flick.

  2. Ken Gagne adds:

    hiphopguy asked:

    Who is Silver Surfer? Is he some guy made up just for the movie?

    Silver Surfer is the herald of Galactus, a planet-devouring behemoth. I guess Surfer, who was once a good guy but agreed to be Galactus' herald in exchange for Galactus not eating Surfer's planet, scouts out new snacks for his master — and Earth is his next course.

    Surfer first appeared in the Fantastic Four comic book in 1966.  Check out this Wikipedia entry for more details.

  3. Ken Gagne adds:

    Oh, yeah — and Denzel Washington's character in Crimson Tide is a fan of Silver Surfer.

  4. hiphopguy23 adds:

    Who is Silver Surfer? Is he some guy made up just for the movie?

  5. Ken Gagne adds:

    A new trailer for this film is up. It looks better than the teaser — but there may be some spoilers contained therein, so be warned.

  6. Ken Gagne adds:

    The original Fantastic Four has now been the target of a RiffTrax!