What Makes Heroes Tick?

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Two great superhero shows are coming to DVD in August: on August 28th, Season 1 of Heroes; and on August 7th, Season 2 of The Tick.

I love The Tick (the cartoon, not the live series — ugh), finding its dry wit comparable to Earthworm Jim or Freakazoid, and thought the Season 1 DVD set was one of my best video purchases of 2006. Heroes I've seen only the pilot of on NBC's Web site (per an earlier comment on this blog) and was intrigued enough to warrant interest in the DVD's release.

It should be a great way to end the summer and segue into a new season of superhero television!

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12 Responses to “What Makes Heroes Tick?”

  1. sheppy adds:

    Heroes has been quite good. It's got its goofy bits, but it's been intriguing.

  2. peterw adds:

    For me the best part of Heroes is Hiro. Not so much because of what he can do (although that can be cool), but a combination of him being a "nice guy" and his fabulous "rubber" face.

    Or maybe it's because in some ways I can identify more with him than most of the others! :-)

    (It also doesn't hurt that I work for a company with a Japanese parent, and I deal with Japanese counterparts via email on a daily basis. I recognise so many of the cultural traits displayed by Hiro and Ando!)

  3. RM adds:

    For me the best part of Heroes is Hiro.

    Hiro is among my favorite characters as well. He can have a face-off with himself — how cool is that!

    I find the story and all its characters to be dynamic and intriguing, and exceptional casting probably has a lot to do with that.

  4. Ken Gagne adds:

    CNN.com has a great article about Hiro actor Masi Oka and the splash he's made in this new series.

    What most intrigued me about the actor: he has an I.Q. of 180! I wonder if his character was a stretch for him? :-)

  5. RM adds:

    OMG… he's looking for his soulmate! *swoon*

  6. GeneD adds:

    I also agree that Heroes is one of the best freshman genre TV shows in recent memory. Sure, like many arc-driven dramas, it has slow points and weak plot threads, but as with its ensemble cast, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, especially for superhero fans.

    I would compare the zany Tick cartoon, which I also liked more than the live-action series (my wife and I still quote it to each other), to Invader Zim.

  7. Ken Gagne adds:

    Universal has officially announced Heroes on DVD (both regular and HD-DVD).

    There's also an upcoming spinoff series: Heroes: Origins!

  8. Ken Gagne adds:

    Here's a list of extras on both editions of the DVDs. (Wow — 50 deleted scenes!!)

  9. Ken Gagne adds:

    Here's the cover art for season 2 of The Tick.

  10. Ken Gagne adds:

    My copy of The Tick: Season 2 shipped today. Woot!

  11. Ken Gagne adds:

    RiffTrax riffs the first two episodes of Heroes, coinciding with the show's first-season DVD release this week. Excellent!

  12. Ken Gagne adds:

    Looks like the Heroes: Origins spin-off has been shelved.