Die Harderer

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Die Hard 4 — officially known as Live Free or Die Hard — comes out June 27th, heralding John McClane's escape from retirement for the special occasion of fighting Internet terrorists. His sidekick — who, for the first time in the franchise's history, is not black — is Justin Long, the television commercial personification of Apple's Macintosh.

Is it just me, or do yesterday's actors not know when to call it quits? Not only is Harrison Ford a worrisome casting choice for an aging Indiana Jones, but Bruce Willis now seems better suited to the suspense of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable than he does the barefooted action hero of two decades ago.

With Bruce Willis in the spotlight, Die Hard might not be able to survive as in the action genre. Perhaps something tamer would be more up his alley — such as the following holiday special?

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  1. GeneD adds:

    Although I agree that most of the action movie stars of the 1980s are well past their prime (loony Tom Cruise, the governator of California, Jean-Claude van Damme, and Steven Seagal all come to mind), age-appropriate scripts might be good vehicles for comebacks for Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis.

    Bruce Willis has done enough character acting (12 Monkeys, Sixth Sense) that his shameless Moonlighting-era mugging and pyrotechnics-loaded Die Hard flicks are forgivable. Plus, he seems to be in decent shape, not unlike Sly Stallone's recent Rocky return (however ill-advised) or anything Sean Connery has done in recent years. As Bill Shatner has demonstrated, a sense of humor can make yesterday's action hero into tomorrow's (somewhat) respected thespian.

    I share your misgivings about Ford. Even though I had images of Han Solo and Indiana Jones on nearly every wall of various apartments, his post-Indy career has had as many missteps (6 Days, 7 Nights) as solid performances (Patriot Games, Air Force One, The Fugitive). Also, the delays over finding a story that Ford, Stephen Spielberg, and George Lucas could agree on don't inspire confidence.

    We'll see if Shia LaBeouf can fill the dusty shoes of a young Jones as well as River Phoenix or Sean Patrick Flannery did. Hollywood's returning to the well for numerous sequels this summer is a sign of the fear of taking risks that's stifling creativity, even if it makes the fans happy.