Padawan Apparel

18-May-07 2:52 PM by
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A blog dedicated to t-shirts has a collection of the best Star Wars shirts ever, with links to the stores that sell them. Check them out — most of the designs are just this side of hilarious.

One has me confused, though. Is it some sort of Matrix reference?

That's no spoon

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  1. karl adds:

    haha, yeah this is a rather obscure reference. This is where they are chasing a Tie Fighter and approaching the Death Star. Luke says something like, "look he's heading toward that moon" and Obi Wan says "that's no moon".

    In this case what they are looking at is a Spork, which of course is no spoon :-)

  2. Ken Gagne adds:

    Karl, thanks for compiling this gallery!

    I get the context of the original scene that the shirt is spoofing; I guess I just didn't understand why the Death Star was substituted with a spork, of all things. I guess I thought it too obvious that a spork is, indeed, no spoon… ;-)