Security Goes to the Movies

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Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate America's independence with my review of Live Free or Die Hard, currently playing at

When I gave my final draft to my editor, Angela Gunn, I expected her to contribute her extensive knowledge of computer security into an article that blended our respective opinions into a cohesive, individual voice. The end result was, in fact, two distinct voices — and is far more entertaining than anything I envisioned. Unfortunately, was swamped with iPhone coverage last week, shoving peripheral articles such as this one to the wayside. It finally got published in time for the holiday movie-going crowd to appreciate.

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6 Responses to “Security Goes to the Movies”

  1. David Lay adds:

    I liked Die Hard…Check out my review at Cold Leftovers

    As action movies go, it was pretty good, I think. Maybe not the best of the four, but worthy of the name…

  2. Brandon adds:

    Live Free or Die Hard (take that, New Hampshire!)

    definitely a good action flick.

  3. Ken Gagne adds:

    Hmm. Seems one of my favorite webcomics, Penny Arcade, did not approve of this film…

  4. EFG adds:

    Your mother and I enjoyed Die Harder very much. It was exactly what we expected (James Bond without the English accent). You couldn't kill the guy. Even the so-called F15 jet fighter. Our air force doesn't have a vertical take off (VTO) and landing jet. England has one and it's called a "Harrier" jet. Ah the liberties of films.

  5. Nathanael adds:

    Nice review Ken, it was a dumb movie but it doesn't stop it from being awesome and the best Die Hard entry since the original. And as for Penny Arcade, I was under the impression that they liked it, even if the comic said otherwise.

  6. Ken Gagne adds:

    This film was released to DVD on November 20th and has since been selling quite well.