How Ironic

30-Jul-07 9:30 PM by
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Courtesy Ctrl+Alt+Del comes this trailer of the film adaptation of the Marvel comic book, Iron Man:

For those (like me) who are far less comics-savvy than Showbits reader Gene D.: no, that isn't War Machine in the trailer. "Iron Man's original suit in the comic books was gray," writes Gene; "Later, it became the familiar red and gold." So the early appearance of ironclad Robert Downey Jr. should not be confused for his similarly-equipped, monochomatic sidekick.Until this film releases on May 2nd, you can sate yourself with the direct-to-DVD animated origin story, released this past January.

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  1. Ken Gagne adds:

    The official trailer for this film is now available! Contentwise, it looks identical — but the editing and soundtrack (and, obviously, the video quality) are dramatically improved. But what's with the titular gargle at the end?

  2. Ken Gagne adds:

    The above trailer that was so popular when posted last summer will be adapted into a feature-length film, reports The Onion.