Over My Dead Body

02-Aug-07 6:40 PM by
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From IndianaJones.com's video entitled "Indy Arrives", dated 07.11.2007, I took this shot of Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and George Lucas:

Spielberg Ford and Lucas on Indiana Jones 4 set

Compare Lucas' shirt to this one:

Han Shot First shirt

WTF is George Lucas doing wearing a "Han Shot First" shirt?! He's the last person I ever expected to be seen in such a thing… It's further proof that his assault on Star Wars canon was just a scheme to make more money by releasing the unremastered trilogy on DVD.

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  1. GeneD adds:

    Like the voiceovers in the theatrical cuts of Blade Runner and Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring or the edits of Superman: The Motion Picture, sometimes a director's or a studio's first impression is the correct one. Far be it from me, however, who has given lots of money to Lucas' multimedia empire over the years, to question his expertise in milking us fans for money…