From Zero to Heroes

12-Oct-07 5:07 PM by
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Just a brief post to report I finally saw the first two episodes of Heroes last night. My first thoughts: OMG!!

I watch a lot of first episodes (Deadwood, Angel, Joan of Arcadia), just to get the feel for a series before dismissing it. Not the case here — nothing has ever hooked me like Heroes. I had actually seen the pilot on back in January, so what I watched last night were the unaired pilot and deleted scenes; a fast-forward review of the actual pilot; and the second episode. It's fascinating to see all the different threads, both actual and deleted, all at this point unresolved. The characters and powers, and the reactions of former to latter, are intricate and diverse, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I almost wish I'd waited until tonight, so that I could stay up late and watch more! Fortunately, I can still do that. No spoilers, please!

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3 Responses to “From Zero to Heroes”

  1. RM adds:

    Heroes is awesome! Tomorrow I'm going to FINALLY start watching the current season!

  2. peterw adds:

    Now there's a switch! Here in Australia we've just watched episode 2 of the second season of Heroes! Having previously seen the first season, already I'm saying "WTF?" and hanging out for the next episodes to find out what happens next!

    Up until fairly recently, Australia could be anything up to several years behind the USA before seeing various series. (It used to be very frustrating not being able to participate in various discussions — not to mention avoiding spoilers — on the Syndicomm Showbits forum.)

    I guess we've finally found a positive side to people downloading TV episodes from the 'Net. The Australian TV stations are now competing to be "near real time" with their latest high-profile offerings to try to avoid people bypassing watching the "official" (ie. with ads) version.

  3. Ken Gagne adds:

    Peter, you're not alone: I wasn't able to participate in those conversations, either, having cancelled my TV service eight years ago (see my previous sympathic quotation of Mike Nelson). Unfortunately, the archives of this blog's message board predecessor have no threads on Heroes for me to now read, as Syndicomm Online's cancellation was announced just weeks before the show premiered.

    At least I was able to finish the first season without having previously encountered any major spoilers! (I don't know how I did it; so many other shows, like Enterprise's finale or various plot points of Buffy, were inadvertently detailed to me long before I got to them on DVD…)