Flights of Fantasy

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This month marks a year until the release of Star Trek XI. Fans are so excited over this relaunch of the franchise that they can't wait for the official teaser (rumored to precede next month's Cloverfield) — so they've gone and made their own trailers, of which I think this one is the best:

And before that was a fly-by of a remodeled CGI Enterprise that proved to be cool yet false. Even the rabid paparazzi have gotten in on it by snapping some shots of the supposed Kirk and an Orion slave girl.

My curiosity occasionally gets the better of me, but in general, I'd rather avoid all these grovelling for media scraps. No news, rumor, or trailer is needed to sell me on this film, nor can any dissuade me from seeing it. I'm already sold and would like to see as much of the film for the first time upon its theatrical debut next Christmas. What about you?

[Hat tip to the Trek Movie Report Web site.]

3 Responses to “Flights of Fantasy”

  1. peterw adds:

    I found an interesting throwaway comment today in a newspaper interview with Simon Pegg (who plays Scotty in the movie). In regard to accepting the role he was asked, "Did you hesitate?"

    His response was, "I was slightly worried about tying myself into a franchise for nine years. It was obviously something to think about, but J.J. (Abrams) said, "If the worst thing that happens is we get to hang out every three years and have fun, what's the problem?" I thought that was a great argument."

    Nine years? Get together every three years? As Spock would say, "Fascinating!"

  2. Ken Gagne adds:

    Peter: Sounds like Mr. Pegg hasn't quite comprehended what it is he's getting himself into!

    John Cho recently spoke with CNN about how daunting it is to play Sulu. Several of his castmates have contacted their predecessors about the roles they originated — which I think is pretty darn cool. I read that JJ Abrams did the same thing before he began shooting the film, which is more than the TNG cast said for their Nemesis director, who they claim didn't really understand Trek.

    Mr. Cho comments that he's finished shooting all his scenes for this movie. I hope they use the next year to good effect, polishing and promoting the film.

  3. peterw adds:

    The point I was trying to make is that there appear to be some fairly extensive and long terms plans for the franchise!

    Which is a lot more than could have been said immediately after Nemesis!