Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale

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Via Bonzer Web Sites comes TV Series Finale, a Web site that catalogs and reminisces about the conclusions of television shows, from black-and-white classics to recent cancellations. The site reports on all sorts of current events, such as DVD releases and actor updates, but most appealing are the features that focus on the final chapters of our favorite shows.

The two best finales of all time, IMHO, are Cheers and Quantum Leap, so those were the first two I looked for on this site. TV Series Finale does not have a listing for Quantum Leap, and its podcast on Cheers has scrolled off its iTunes Store archive, so I instead downloaded their audio report on another show from my youth: Gilligan's Island.

Though I'm not much a fan of audiobooks, I enjoyed this podcast. After a brief review of the origin of Gilligan's Island and the motivation behind its cancellation, the podcast's host recounted the events of not only the series finale, but also each of its made-for-TV movie sequels, as well as animated and reality TV spin-offs. The podcast closed by enumerating the activities and fates of each of the show's alumni. The detailed narrative and professional delivery was a fun trip down memory lane that offered trivia I'd never known.

The podcasts may likely be the site's best feature, as I had some trouble accessing its text. Navigation is a bit wonky; for example, if you go to the TV show index and click on Cheers, what you get is not a listing of articles specifically about the Boston pub-based show, but instead the results of a site search on keyword "cheers" — which may have little, if any, direct connection to the show in question.

But if you're looking to recall or learn the history of some classic shows, TV Series Finale's podcasts are an fun, easy, and free vehicle for doing so.

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  1. adds:

    Thanks for the visiting the site and listening to the podcast!

    I admit the site navigation has gotten a bit out of hand so we're working on an overhaul. It should be up and working in the next few weeks.

    I enjoyed Quantum Leap as well, though I have mixed feelings about the finale. It will be covered though, rest assured. ;-)

    Take care,
    Trevor Kimball

  2. Ken Gagne adds:

    Trevor, thanks for stopping by the site! Per our email exchange, I see you've found a way to restore older podcasts to the iTunes podcast directory. Thanks for pursuing the matter! I've now downloaded the Cheers episode.

    Good luck on the overhaul; I recently redesigned my other site,, and importing six years and 600 pages of content into a new CMS was no fun!