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The following pictures are taken from the JJ Abrams-directed film Star Trek XI, to be released originally on Christmas Day 2008, now May 8, 2009. These shots were widely distributed across the Internet earlier this week, but only tonight did Paramount lift the exclusive on the various sites that previously carried them, allowing Showbits to join their ranks.

As I'm already sold on this movie, a part of me regrets seeing these pictures. Nonetheless, I will share with you the source of my remorse:

What can we tell from these pictures? First, the bridge looks little like the Shatner's ship of the Sixties. Second, Spock seems indistinguishable from Sylar — at least to me, being recently off a weekend-long binge of the character. Finally, Nero sure knows how to brood, distinguishing him from every villain who has ever existed. (Not.)

Of course, it's almost impossible to judge a film from such context-free imagery, so I will reserve judgment. A full trailer is expected to be released in November, possibly prior to the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

4 Responses to “Stills Trek”

  1. peterw adds:

    In the fifth ("Sylar") picture, I find myself fighting the urge to yell, "Spock, that's *NOT* how you perform the Vulcan nerve pinch!"

  2. a2history adds:


    Yes, that eyebrow look is definitely Sylar-like. Except Sylar would not be holding him with his hand _directly_ ;-)

  3. GeneD adds:

    Ken, I think that some previews are necessary for Paramount to build interest in the mostly dormant Star Trek franchise. Sure, many die-hard Trekkers will want to avoid "spoilers," but I was reassured to see J.J. Abrams and company making a serious attempt at a reboot rather than another parody or a watered-down continuation.

    I'm not sure the late 1960s technicolor would translate well to the big screen, and the costumes and Apple-inspired bridge set look both retro and futuristic to me.

    As with seeing Hugo Weaving in both The Matrix movies and The Lord of the Rings, we'll have to try to set aside our impressions of Zach Quinto from Heroes and hope he does well as Spock.

    Of course, the proof will be in the script, and I have reservations about a villian-driven, time-travel plot. Let's hope idealistic space opera comes roaring back next summer! In the meantime, you'll be pleased to learn that Las Vegas' "Star Trek Experience" may have gotten a reprieve:

  4. peterw adds:

    I hope the Star Trek experience really does reopen. I saw it for the first time in June and I was very impressed! Then shortly afterwards dismayed to hear it was closing!