Why So Serious?

10-Dec-08 2:50 PM by
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Yesterday saw the DVD release of The Dark Knight, Batman's last cinematic manifestation. Like no one else I know, I chose not to partake of its theatrical debut, and it's not high on my home theater's priority list.

But I am always ready and eager to mock anything this popular. Courtesy RiffTrax comes this exclusive audio from a rather revealing deleted scene:

The clip is a promotion for their RiffTrax of The Dark Knight:

Despite these parodies, I actually am a fan of the Gotham Knight. I count the original Michael Keaton film, Mask of the Phantasm, and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker all among my personal library, and I am eager to add the complete animated series to my collection. If you want to read about some superheroes I actually could do without, check out IGN's top ten list, "Worst Comic Book Heroes on Film". I wholeheartedly concur with such choices as Spawn, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and <shudder> Daredevil. Sigh. Why can't all superhero movies be super?

3 Responses to “Why So Serious?”

  1. Chris Lackey adds:

    Oh it's SOOO GOOD!! Watch it!!!!!!!!

  2. a2history adds:

    I don't get it. I also talk like that all the time. Seems normal to me…

  3. GeneD adds:

    IGN also has a list of the best superhero movies.

    While I might disagree with the ranking of some of these, such lists are excellent fodder for debate among comic book and film fans.

    Mania has its own list of the 15 worst superhero adaptations.

    I thought Dark Knight was one of the better movies of this past year, but I did enjoy Iron Man more…