Star Trek Scene It? Warps to Stores Early

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In the Eighties, there were attempts to combine VCR technology with board games. The results were often cumbersome: since VCR tapes are meant to be played linearly, rewatching scenes (which gameplay often required) meant rewinding, a slow and inexact process. The advent of interactive DVDs streamlined the process greatly, with the most popular example being the party game Scene It?. Players watch movie clips, or puzzles and clues that relate to movies, then answer trivia questions. Whoever guesses the right answer first advances their token around a board; whoever gets to the end first, wins.

There are several variations: Xbox 360 versions eliminate the need for a physical component, while themed editions of the traditional DVD version offer questions and clips from James Bond, Harry Potter, or Friends. I've been waiting awhile for what seemed an obvious pairing: a Star Trek edition of Scene It? The last I heard was that such a product was to have scenes from the upcoming movie, and that the film's delay from Christmas 2008 to May 2009 had necessarily pushed back the game as well.

I guess someone didn't get that memo, or maybe there was an update I missed — either way, Trekkers have an unexpected reason to celebrate: Star Trek Scene It? is now shipping. The game comes in two varieties, Ships and Captains, but each appear to contain identical questions and components with no bonuses over the other. (Some stores will charge more for one edition; don't be fooled!)

I personally can't wait to play this game, though I fear the challenge — not of winning, but of finding opponents who will give me a run for my latinum. Recalling favorite Star Trek episodes by name is typical dinner conversation among my geek friends. Now I need to coordinate enough of us and find a single stardate on which we can all play…

2 Responses to “Star Trek Scene It? Warps to Stores Early”

  1. Kahm adds:

    I could surely contribute to any team needing a Voyager specialist, but I fear that otherwise my Trekkie-ness would be insufficient for this outlet.

    However, if the above mentioned stardate is forthcoming — let me know. I'll be ready to play with the safety protocols off!

  2. Ken Gagne adds:

    I picked up this game for $30 at Toys R Us. Such a deal!