Star Wars Meets MacGuyver, Airwolf, Dallas

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Contests are often made of Star Trek vs. Star Wars: could a phaser beat a lightsaber? The Enterprise outgun an Imperial Star Destroyer? But the rivalry seems to be less heated than friendly, as both franchises appeal to mostly the same audience.

Nonetheless, I'm aware that Showbits offers more coverage of Gene Roddenberry's universe than George Lucas's. So, in an effort to balance last week's variations on Star Trek openings, I've compiled a similar lineup of Star Wars parodies. These are potentially more amusing, as Star Wars, being a movie, not television, series has no "opening", per se, other than the trademark scrolling text … which doesn't really lend itself to remixing.

The Rebel Alliance goes up against the infinitely better equipped Empire. Who else often makes the best of minimal resources? MacGyver, of course! (Compare with the original)

Star Wars lives up to its name with some memorable dogfights. Add some atmosphere, and you might get Airwolf (original):

And finally, like Star Trek, this series has also been remade to look like Dallas, rife with familial drama and intrigue (original):

This collection the question: what is it with all the 1980s TV show openings? Where are Buffy or Friends — or even Star Trek? Now that would be cool: Star Wars: Enterprise!

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