The House that Bueller Built

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As we head into the last weekend of May, we can all, adult and child alike, taste the freedom that summer brings. Be it a holdover from an agricultural society or not, the pending season nonetheless represents not just vacations, but a release from responsibility.

Cameron's houseFew have embraced that opportunity as well as Ferris Bueller, except he didn't wait for the moment to appear; he seized every day as if it were his last, be it spring, summer, or fall. His wild galavanting one beautiful day in Chicago ultimately brought him to the garage of best friend Cameron Frye. Now, the end of his journey can be the beginning of yours — if the price is right… $2.4 million, to be precise.

That's right: Cameron Frye's house is up for sale. Located in lovely Highland Park, Illinois, less than a mile from Lake Michigan, this transparent, one-story house is currently on the market. The hole in the three-car garage has been repaired, but the Ferrari is not included. (You probably wouldn't want it in that condition, anyway)

Speaking of which, if you ever wondered what happened to Cameron after the film's conclusion, The Onion reports:

UPDATE (Jun 2, 2014): Five years later, the house finally sold for $1.06 million.

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    Or maybe this is what happened to Cameron

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