Prelude to Summer Shorts

31-May-09 12:22 PM by
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Summer blockbuster season is here, with many theatergoers flocking to the cinema to catch such big-budget films as Star Trek and Terminator. But, as the latter has demonstrated, financial backing is no substitute for a good script and a good cast.

Technology has progressed such that now anyone can make a quality film, and the Internet has provided these budding directors with the tools to get their films seen by the masses. Showbits has already featured many independent films worth watching, such as Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, The Blacksmith and the Carpenter, and variations on the superhero Batman.

To commemorate and promote these independent films, each day for the next week, I will be posting one such movie to the site. You'll see a variety of short films, ranging in length from ten to forty minutes and in topic from fantasy to science fiction to romance. Regardless of the theme, each film has elements in common: clever scripts, ambitious design, impressive production values, and free distribution.

So sit back, relax, and kick off your summer shorts!

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