Read Showbits on your iPhone or Kindle

08-Jun-09 1:17 PM by
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If you have either an Apple iPhone cell phone or an Amazon Kindle eBook reader, you can now read the Showbits on these mobile devices. For the iPhone, you'll need the free Kindle for iPhone application. Then you can find us in the Kindle Store, where a subscription to the blog is only $.99. (Accessing this site directly, or receiving it via email or RSS, will both always be free.)

If you read the blog using either of these methods, please let us know what you think! Or if there are additional ways you'd like us to get content to you, please leave a suggestion.

2 Responses to “Read Showbits on your iPhone or Kindle”

  1. maginnis adds:

    Where's my Showbits BlackBerry app?

  2. Jensen adds:

    This is good information, I can now read Showbits on my iPhone, looking forward in getting the application. Thanks