Turkey Volume Guessing Man!

25-Nov-09 12:00 PM by
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Tomorrow is America's Thanksgiving Day, on which we as a nation declare that nothing brings a people together like the communal devouring of a dead animal's burnt flesh. As a vegetarian, I believe there are better ways to use 46 million birds this holiday season. If we must exploit the animal, why not use turkeys' mathematical properties to address such burning scientific issues as these?

Happy American Thanksgiving, everyone!

4 Responses to “Turkey Volume Guessing Man!”

  1. peterw adds:

    Sadly, the clip was removed "due to a copyright claim". :(

  2. Ken Gagne adds:

    I've fixed the video issue. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Peter.

  3. Steve adds:

    Dearest Turkey guessing man,

    How much is the volume of a turkey? Also, is the turkey alive or dead when you determine this? Also, if its dead, is it cooked? Because, if its cooked then it probably doesnt have feathers, which would mean it should have significantly less volume. These are some serious questions. These are some serious questions. I want answers.

    -Turkey enquirer (Steve aka your secret admirer ;)

  4. Steve adds:

    You know we are not insane. We just really need answers. really.