About the Author

Showbits is operated by Ken Gagne, who has written, performed, and moderated extensively both online and off in the genres of electronic and cinematic entertainment. Formerly, Ken was sysop of the dial-up gaming BBS, The Playground; sysop of the Video Gaming Central forum on CompuServe; Days of Our Lives summarist for the Showbiz forum on GEnie; and sysop of the Showbits, Gamebits, Prolific Quill, and Single forums, and message board manager of the Role-Playing Games forum, on Syndicomm Online. Offline, Ken has been a newspaper columnist, reporter, and paginator; a teacher of 11th grade tech writing, film studies, and bowling; and a neurodiagnostic laboratory assistant. He is presently webmaster of the Gamebits, Wordbits, and Apple II Bits hobbyist blogs; editor-in-chief and publisher of Juiced.GS, a quarterly retrocomputing print publication; and senior associate online editor at Computerworld. Ken performs in a half-dozen community theater productions annually and has worked as an extra in such films as Disc, Fever Pitch, and The Game Plan.