About Showbits

The movie industry generates billions of dollars a year, with films, celebrities, and stories that become indelible parts of our pop culture and history. At Showbits, you can read and respond to news, commentary, and quirks coming from Hollywood and Broadway, with a focus on quirky, geeky stuff like Star Wars, Star Trek, and superheroes.

This site began as a category in the HelpDesk Forum on the now-defunct Syndicomm Online service, which primarily served the Apple II community. Showbits spun out into its own forum on Sep 18, 2003, and generated 4782 messages before the service closed on Dec 1, 2006. (See the Syndicomm archives for that content.)

The name of this site is an amalgamation of Showbiz (a generic name, as well as that of the show business forum on GEnie, the online service Syndicomm Online is modeled after and where Gary Utter employed me as a staff writer) and Gamebits, an affiliated newspaper column and Web site that I've maintained since 1997.

Showbits is operated by Ken Gagne, editor of Gamebits and Juiced.GS. This site and its contents are the work of Ken Gagne.