Light Up the Sky

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As a fan of Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but not a fan of television in general, I was aware of but unexposed to his "space western" series, Firefly, which was cancelled in December 2002 after 14 episodes. Easier to consume was the 2005 feature film adaptation, Serenity, which I enjoyed last year, prompting me to recently, finally, watch the original show.

Holy cow. How was this ever cancelled?? I've been enjoying Star Trek for 20 years now, but I've never seen anything like Firefly. What a breath of fresh air!

To understand the show's uniqueness, you should know its background:

Women Are From Venus

27-Mar-07 9:32 AM by
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I was told if I liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer — and I do — then I'd like Veronica Mars. Not knowing any details of the show beyond that, I watched the pilot episode this weekend.

A precocious teenager outwits her father, the police, and the high school bullies to solve crimes. Why didn't someone just say it's a modern Nancy Drew?

And by "modern", I mean "dark". The first episode alludes to a variety of sad truths that CSI fans may classify as entertaining, but it's hardly escapism. Before I watched Veronica Mars, I never consciously observed this trait of my viewing habits: I like shows that are fun. (Go fig.) Sure, a show's characters should be real people who face real situations — but I prefer metaphorical representations that employ vampires, aliens, and cowboys. We have enough problems in our real world that I don't need our own environment and social ailments repackaged as entertainment. Give me something I can't get on the evening news.