RiffTrax Live's Holiday Shorts

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In August, RiffTrax brought their Mystery Science Theater 3000-style humor to the big screen with RiffTrax Live, in which their mercilessly mocking of Plan 9 From Outer Space was streamed to theaters nationwide. Unlike their webcasts, which often buckled under unexpected popularity, the theatrical experience was nearly flawless — and apparently a financial success, given their rerun of the same show (obviously no longer live) two months later.

Now, RiffTrax, with guest star Weird Al Yankovic, is getting into the spirit of the season with a reprise that puts various holiday specials under the scrutiny. RiffTrax Live Christmas Shorts will perform the evening of Wednesday, December 16th, with a recorded repeat the following night. Judging from the trailer, the lineup appears it may be a mix of both new material and old, such as the public domain short "A Visit to Santa":

I ordered my tickets at $11 each, which is pretty standard for a moviegoing experience nowadays. RiffTrax offers a better value for the money than any other film, though, as the two-hour showing sends you home with a code good for the download of a RiffTones holiday song, two of the evening's shorts, an autographed photo of the riffers, and a holiday desktop wallpaper.

So get into the holiday spirit with this family-friendly evening of comedy!

RiffTrax Brings Plan 9 to Earth

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RiffTrax, the comedic commetaries provided by the geniuses behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, continues to expand its empire. In addition to the occasional live shows, they've lately taken to Internet streaming performances, though more often than not, the demand for these videos is great enough to crash their servers, resulting in refunds.

Undeterred, the team is combining the best of the online and live venues to offer a live performance streamed to 400 theaters around the country. On August 20th at 8 PM, Plan 9 From Outer Space will experience a nationwide crucifixion as Mike, Bill, and Kevin. Whether this is the same script used on their DVD edition of this movie is undetermined, but the fact that the downloadable (and more affordable) MP3 is "temporarily unavailable" is telling. However, "All event attendees will receive FREE exclusive digital goodies including a never before seen downloadable short, an autographed digital photo of the guys and a song by the RiffTones! A URL and code will be revealed on-screen at the end of the event." Maybe the digital version of the movie they just saw will be among the grab bag?

If you never saw This Island Earth, the only MST3K to have debuted in theaters, here's your chance to witness the best brains' glorious return to the silver screen!