A Fool's Trek

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It's April Fool's Day, which is often a relished opportunity for creative mischief. An outlet for such comic imagination used to be StarTrek.com — up until its managing geniuses were summarily executed. Fortunately, their past efforts are timeless and are still available through the magic of the Internet Archive. Courtesy its Wayback Machine, I present to you the hilarious news reports of April 1, 2005 (links will load slowly — be patient):

Remember that three years ago this month, we were on the cusp of the cancellation of Enterprise. To see that first headline above set my heart atwitter — until I remembered the date. It was cruel of our overlords to toy with our emotions so carelessly… but they made up for it with the excellent Mirror Universe FAQ.

A few other pieces were not captured by the Wayback Machine but have been reposted to a Trek message board:

It's nice to know humor will survive into the 24th century!

Parallel Trekking

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I've found a couple amalgamations of Star Trek with other media, but the following is one of the most amusing I've encountered:

If more serious variations on the Star Trek universe appeal to you, check out the upcoming book Glass Empires, an anthology of tales from the Mirror Universe, encompassing TOS, TNG, and Enterprise. I guess they think DS9 has had enough Mirror stories — yet the arc in the current DS9 novels is leading toward that stage. I wonder what the tie-in is?