For Want of a Nail

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Courtesy TrekToday comes the 11-minute comedic film The Blacksmith and the Carpenter. Robert Picardo plays the titular iron worker, a fishing buddy of the Son of God who, like Judas, finds his loyalties torn between friendship and finance. The jokes are a bit hackneyed (and, depending on your religious persuasion, blasphemous), but it's fun to see and hear them cracked by Voyager's Doctor.

Chatting with the Stars

10-Aug-07 11:35 AM by
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Audio interviews with two spacefaring luminaries have recently become available.

The first (courtesy is Garrett Wang on the James Madison show (iTunes). It's not the best interview: it starts off a bit slowly, the reception occasionally drops, and at one point, Mr. Wang puts the host on hold while he takes another call. But there are some fun stories as he reminisces about playing Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager and the interplay he had with other Star Trek and UPN actors. Tune in to the James Madison podcast tomorrow for a similar interview with Robert Picardo, who played that show's holographic Doctor.

The other interview (courtesy is a brief one with Anthony Daniels, aka C-3PO, wherein he talks about science, Star Wars, and scouting. His message on the importance of science in the present and future of society is spot-on and would be right at home in Scientific American or Point of Inquiry.