Summer Shorts: Signs

07-Jun-09 12:00 PM by
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Today's short is the final in our seven-day series, and you'll see that I saved the best for last. Unlike World Builder and Unloved, which build upon existing relationships, in Signs, we're there to see one blossom:

Many of this week's shorts have lacked dialogue, but none have thrived within that limitation as eloquently as Signs. It's a similar language barrier to what we saw in Lost in Translation, which I like for many of the same reasons as Signs: the main character, disconnected from everyone, is adrift in an unfamiliar environment, resigned to his endless existence… until he connects with someone who can empathize, changing (and inspiring) everything. It's a palpable and relatable loneliness that comes with an enviously happy ending.

Like everyone else, each of us is different, and I think we've all sometimes felt that our uniqueness separate us from the rest of humanity. Our differences may even seem like bad things, and we think the answer can be found in conformity and uniformity. As Signs demonstrates, it is not in denying, but in expressing, ourselves that we can be most comfortable in our world. Sometimes, that means finding someone to be different with — someone who shows faith and confidence in who you are, before you can find those things in yourself. Regardless, I hope this is the beginning of a radical change for our young office worker, wherever or with whomever he finds himself in the future.

Signs was made as a candidate for the Schweppes Short Film Festival by @Radical.Media, the company that was also responsible for the Superman and Seinfeld commercials for American Express. As amusing as those advertisements were, they lacked the innocence of Signs, as well as its moral:

It is better to have a regret of action than a regret of inaction.